LA5 Rotary Auctions Mayor Riordan Lunch

Mayor Richard Riordan

Mayor Richard Riordan

Our friends at LA5 The Rotary Club of Los Angeles sent us the following message:

Can you have lunch with Mayor Riordan?

Mayor Richard Riordan was one of Los Angeles’ most beloved Mayors and continues to be one of the city’s biggest philanthropists.

Would you like to have lunch with the Mayor?

He’s generously offered to auction himself off for lunch to the highest bidder….  You can bid by clicking here

All proceeds benefit LA5 The Rotary Club of Los Angeles’ LA5 Foundation Scholarship Fund, providing scholarships to college-bound high school students in inner city Los Angeles.

And yes, Warren Buffett gave us the idea but we know from experience Mayor Riordan is more fun to have lunch with (and it won’t cost you $2 million, unless you’d like it to).

Please bid — and help send some deserving kids to college.   For more information on where the funds go visit

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