Close Quarters Defense — What Executive Women Need to Know

We know that women executives are leading companies, managing large workforces and travelling to all corners of the world to manage global business enterprises.  That’s causing concern among corporate security experts.

Ashley Dean

Some women are taking their security in to their own hands – by learning Close Quarters Defense (CQD) at the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, the West Coast location for the CQD program.

We sat down with E. Ashley Dean, the Director of Corporate Development at the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, CA to talk about the CQD for Women program.  Here’s some of what she has to say…

Ashley, why would women want to learn Close Quarters Defense?
It’s impossible to overstate the significance of a woman’s ability to defend herself and the critical decisions she must make to save the life of another, if needed.

What’s the outcome? To be more confident, able to defend self on travel?
The CQD system empowers each student to realize her true fighting potential and will capitalize on her female strengths, mental and physical. We also highlight and discuss women’s natural advantages and attributes.

Some of the other features and benefits – or outcomes – are increased mental and physical processing speed, faster reaction time, overcoming personal and team obstacles, stress management, team development and better communication between team members.
For every skill and theory taught, validation exercises are conducted to ensure each student has the confidence to appropriately utilize the skills she has learned. Personal protection, awareness, and preparedness will be discussed in detail, but the majority of time is spent on practical application.
The skills learned are applicable both domestically and abroad. Most recently, the CQD team trained the USA Women’s Volleyball Team as they prepared for the 2016 Rio Olympics.
What’s the ideal age and level in a company for target audience, women in C suite or women in management roles?

Ashley Dean in CQD Mode

This is especially appropriate for executive women, but women of all ages and levels should train as a group and validate that training as an individual. It’s a personal journey. And like I said it’s impossible to overstate the importance of being able to protect yourself.

Who are women who have done CQD?
2016 USA Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team
2016 USA Women’s Beach Volleyball Team
Kinga Philipps, actress and award winning journalist
Correspondents for a number of news networks

What’s included?
• Opportunity to train with other C Level executive women and share in the experience with a group
• Three hours of intensive training with CQD team. Instructors comprising of top government and military trainers and mentors.
• Certification toward 1st block of training building towards completion of Level 1.
• Post CQD training reception to review the program, get your CQD certificate, coin and t-shirt and enjoy some time getting to know your fellow CQD participants and instructors.

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