Ask A Nurse — About Her Great New Job

You’ve heard the stories about nursing shortages, especially acute in certain parts of the US. But nurses will tell you a different story. There’s lot of job openings, lots of nurses, but the balkanized system for hiring nurses often takes a month or more to fill vital positions.

Hospitals like Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, Southside Medical Center in Petersburg, VA, Bayfront in St. Petersburg, FL, Northwest/ Oro Valley in Tucson, AZ and health systems like CareMore have found a better way.

We’d like you to hear nurses – in their own words — tell you about how they are using a new, free online app to find great new jobs, sometimes within a few days. Or how they are able to find great paying jobs that meet their family’s schedule best. Or how they get to fly south for the winter and find jobs where aging people are wintering.

Let us know if we can set up some interviews with some of America’s five million working, professional nurses.

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